Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Direct QSL cards and OQRS requests have been replied today. Due to the relatively large number of QSL cards which I printed and didn't use in 2013 I decided to use those cards instead of design and printing new ones. Of course 2014 year cards are equipped with label including all necessary information. I hope you will forgive me a lack of specific design.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

About 2100z on 15m again

Log has been uploaded

Drinking a chilly wine I was entering all NA-052 QSOs to computer log and have just uploaded them to Clublog. There is no many QSOs however I have to say that most of QSOs have been managed by very well known callsigns. Those OMs worked me also in 2012 and 2013. Thank you my friends for following me in my radio-holidays!

Another weak day...

Today I was going to work Japan. So, waiting for the opening to JA I worked NA stations chatting with some of them and swimming in the meantime. The weather was sunny but very windy. I even couldn't raise up the umbrella because it was carried away a few times by wind.
Unfortunately when opening was near the weather changed. Shower came, so I had to hide my rig. I was still hoping that I would be able to be QRV back. It was bad hope. The rain with very dark clouds came and I saw a few lightnings. I was forced to disassemble my Buddipole and escape from the beach. I have to apologize all Japanese OMs who wanted to work me...
The forecast for tomorrow also shows thunderstorms. In that case I will try to start QRV earlier, about 1500z, and work mainly EU. Probably I will choose 12m band which was quite successful for me on Dry Tortugas.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Today I QRV around 1730z on 15m


Yesterday I had to give up about 20:50 UTC due to thunderstorm coming just after first 3 QSOs with JA. If weather allows I will try again to work JA today same time and band.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Marco Island - beginning of QRV

I am going to start today about 1900z from the South Beach on 15m SSB (21260 or higher if freq is occupied). Around 2100z I will try to listen to JA.

On the way to Marco Island

No QSOs today. The only contact I made today was with alligator :) Snappy was a nice, friendly young guy...

NA-079 QSOs uploaded to Clublog

All QSOs have been uploaded to Clublog.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

NA-079 - 1.5 hrs QRV, 130 QSOs

Today I was QRV from Dry Tortugas (Garden Is.) NA-079. During 1.5 hrs activity I managed about 130 QSOs. Unfortunately, I lost half an hour fighting with 15m antenna which wouldn't like to work well. When I QSY to 12m band became alive and I have been receiving good reports. After an hour somebody grabbed the frequency and I had to QSY 5 kHz up working simplex.
I will try to retype log and upload it to Clublog tomorrow.
Thanks for all nice contacts!

Friday, October 10, 2014

No activity from Key West. Dry Tortugas on 15 m tomorrow.

No activity from Key West today and tonight. Sorry, very busy day... Tomorrow I will sail to Dry Tortugas and work from there starting about 1500z. I will try first 15 m. Please look for me around 21260. If 15 m doesn't work well I will try 12 m or 10 m (24950 / 28460).

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Palm Beach

Today I tested my rig (FT-857D), which has been used before very few times, and my old Buddipole working on 10m from Palm Beach (Palm Beach County, loc. EL96xq). I received good reports from 56 to 59+20db. I hope all works well. See you on air from Dry Tortugas and, maybe tomorrow evening, from Key West (digi).