Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another weak day...

Today I was going to work Japan. So, waiting for the opening to JA I worked NA stations chatting with some of them and swimming in the meantime. The weather was sunny but very windy. I even couldn't raise up the umbrella because it was carried away a few times by wind.
Unfortunately when opening was near the weather changed. Shower came, so I had to hide my rig. I was still hoping that I would be able to be QRV back. It was bad hope. The rain with very dark clouds came and I saw a few lightnings. I was forced to disassemble my Buddipole and escape from the beach. I have to apologize all Japanese OMs who wanted to work me...
The forecast for tomorrow also shows thunderstorms. In that case I will try to start QRV earlier, about 1500z, and work mainly EU. Probably I will choose 12m band which was quite successful for me on Dry Tortugas.

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